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Air drops & alias, laser zaps & lay backs, quivers & quirky fin set ups, nose rides & nurse sharks. Take a mind-altering surf trip around the globe. Discover insightful drawings, notes and scribbles that reveal a mass of surfing's curiosities- from visionary surfboard designs and philosophical post-surf ponderings, to the elements required for effective permaculture and tips on fruitful board collecting. Full of alternative eccentricity, radical eco politics and obscure surf history.


Inspiration behind ALOHA to ZEN


Midtide Singapore

Damion Fuller

Aloha to Zen cushions, art & books are now stocked in the beautifully curated Midtide @ Noden Collective in Singapore.

'Noden Collective believes that there is meaning and value in quality objects from the thoughtful creative output of today, just as much as the historical tapestry attached to a vintage object.' 

Its lovely to be among their hand picked range of beautifully crafted Scandinavian and European vintage furniture.